Grooved pipe fitting is a replacement style of steel pipe association fitting. this sort of connection is bit by bit adopted by all countries within the world, and has become a new type of metal pipe connection additionally to welding, thread connection and rim connection.

Grooved pipe fittings is principally utilized in the development of fireplace management system, facility system (including cold and hot water), emptying system, air-con system; saltwater irrigation in aquaculture; Oil; Chemical industry; waste treatment; Mining groundwater extraction then on.
Grooved pipe fittings embody 2 categories:
(1) The pipe fittings that play the role of association and waterproofing are rigid couplings, versatile couplings, mechanical tees and flanges;
(2) The pipe fittings that play the role of connection transition embody elbow, tee, cross, reducer, cap, etcetera

The connecting and sealing groove pipe fittings are principally composed of seal, coupling and lockup bolt. The gasket in the inner layer is placed on the outer facet of the pipeline to be connected, in line with the pre-rolled groove, and so a clamp is fixed on the outer side of the rubber waterproofing ring, and then fixed with 2 bolts. thanks to the distinctive sealing structure of rubber sealing ring and clamp design, the groove connexion has higher sealing performance, and its sealing performance will increase with the rise of pipeline pressure.

the applying of groove pipe fitting connection technology makes the sophisticated pipe connection method simple, fast and convenient. a significant revolution in pipeline connection technology.
1, quick Installation. Grooved pipe fittings solely have to be compelled to install the quality elements equipped by the supporting system, and do not need welding, that the installation speed is considerably quicker than thread association and rim connection, and thru the coupling will realize the automated centering of the pipeline, the development potency will be greatly improved, can effectively shorten the pipeline installation period.

2, Safe and Reliable. The seal within the inner cavity of the coupling plays the role of grasping the pipe to attain self-tight sealing. The larger the interior pressure, the higher the sealing. Nominal pressure of pipe fittings can be up to 2.5mpa.
straightforward Installation. the amount of bolts required to fasten the groove pipe fittings is small, convenient operation, disassembly and assembly solely want a wrench, the employees don’t need special operation skills, when coaching they’ll get on duty.

3.Environmental Protection. The piping and installation of grooved pipe fittings do not need fastening and fire operation, thus there’s no welding scum pollution, doesn’t destroy the galvanized layer within and out of doors the pipe, it’ll not soil the location and also the close environment, and is causative to fireside prevention. The grooved association reduces the transmission of noise and vibration because of the gap between the pipe ends.
No limits by the installation site, convenient maintenance. Grooved pipe fittings can be pre-assembled, and may be adjusted indiscriminately before bolt locking. The piping sequence has no direction, and can be operated during a comparatively slim operating house and place. solely 2 couplings have to be compelled to be removed throughout maintenance to be cleansed and replaced.

Internal control of groove pipe fittings:

In terms of appearance, the surface of the groove pipe fittings ought to be smooth, while not holes, scars, cracks and alternative inferior phenomena, and also the surface coating ought to be uniform in thickness, luster, no bubbles, etc., concerning the seal, there should be no impurities and cracks and alternative phenomena, and also there are complete and clear marks. In terms of marks, The type, specification and name should be clearly and for good marked in the most blatant position of the pipe fitting, and the rated operating pressure should be marked so the operator will operate safely and correctly. On the gasket, the assembly unit of the gasket, the trademark and the material code of the gasket should be clearly and permanently marked.
As for shell material, grooved pipe fittings of shell material ought to use nodular forged iron formation steel, however if you don’t use nodular forged iron with alternative materials strength and corrosion resistance not up to that of nodular cast iron, and shall adjust to the corresponding national standards. In terms of the widget, bolt should be galvanized, or other materials with identical corrosion resistance with bolt, and also the seal should even be manufactured from non-hazardous materials for transportation and other parts.

Matters needing attention once connecting groove pipe fittings with pipes
1. The groove pipes, after association with pipes, as a part of the full pipeline exist, absorb a particular quantity of pressure. If the review within the production method isn’t strict, pipe fittings appeared cracks or breakage, there’ll be burst, cause all the pipeline transmission don’t seem to be swish so, which can cause significant human and economic losses.
2, groove pipe fittings itself doesn’t link, have to be compelled to work in conjunction with the gaskets, and if the kind and size is not consistent between the 2 parts. after they work together, even there is no leak, it also causes for air mass for a protracted time, short provide of or fossil fuel are cased if within the high floors of the building.