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Fundado en 1982, Jianzhi es un fabricante y proveedor líder de accesorios para tuberías de hierro fundido.. Hasta ahora, Jianzhi tiene sobre 4,500 empleados y más de 350 ingenieros técnicos con distribuidores cubriendo 100 países de todo el mundo.

Jianzhi is committed to building a safer world by bringing premium cast iron pipe fittings to every household and building.


Cooperating with distributors all over the world and working to make the list grow is the business model of Jianzhi. Helping all partners to unleash their untapped potential and make profits is the service philosophy of Jianzhi.

On the manufacturing side, Jianzhi strictly controls the cost to ensure a stable supply of high-quality products and fast delivery.

On the marketing side, Jianzhi helps the customers to formulate their marketing strategies. The over 90% reorder rate shows the recognition from every customer.

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