Grooved Cross Reducing

Product Description

When installing a pipeline, you cannot do without a groove
When laying almost all pipelines, various methods of connecting fittings are used. Previously, welding or all kinds of threaded pipe fittings were most often used. But sometimes, they are not entirely reliable and not easy to operate, now we are inclined to use more advanced fittings for the pipe joints, namely the grooved pipe fittings. Includes couplings, tees, crosses, adapters, flanges, plugs, etc. They are usually used for fire extinguishing systems, heating, water supply, sewerage, shipbuilding, mining and oil industries, and technological pipelines.
The grooved cross reducing fittings is used to connect different O.D. pipes in different directions. Then use the Rigid Couplings or Flexible Couplings to fix the connection.

Jianzhi Grooved Cross Reducing

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