Grooved Equal Tee

Available sizes:

2 – 12 inch

Working pressure:

300 PSI


FM approved / UL certified 


Red painted/galvanized/epoxy blue/grey

Product Description

Tee is also called pipe tee or tee pipe fittings, tee joint and so on. Mainly used to change the direction of the fluid, used at the branch pipe of the main pipeline. It can be classified according to the size of the pipe. Equal tee and Reducer tee.

The difference between a grooved tee and a mechanical tee:
The mechanical tee is an opening on the straight pipe, and it can be stuck with a mechanical tee, the main pipe is the whole section, the branch pipe is a single pipe, needs one mechanical threaded tee, or one grooved mechanical tee plus one grooved coupling. In the ordinary grooved tee, three different direction pipes are connected by the grooved tee, the engineering quantity is one grooved tee and 3 grooved couplings.

Jianzhi equal tee

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