Product Description

The mechanical cross is composed of the upper half of the two mechanical tees, which is convenient and flexible to use. It can be used in place of the reducing cross under certain conditions. Depending on different combined ways, there are many different types, such as the grooved mechanical cross, the threaded mechanical cross, the grooved reducing mechanical cross, the threaded reducing mechanical cross, the threaded grooved mechanical cross, and the threaded groove reducing mechanical cross.
The mechanical cross requires high quality of openings, and the centers of the two holes must be aligned, otherwise, it is very easy to cause pipeline leakage. Since two holes are opened in the same section of the main pipe during the construction of the mechanical four-way pipe, it has a greater impact on the strength of the main pipe. Therefore, during the construction, the branch pipe diameter of the mechanical cross is required to be more than three levels smaller than the main pipe diameter.
Depending on the use environment, the surface treatment can be epoxy paint, hot-dip galvanizing, dipping paint, etc.

Jianzhi Mech Cross

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