90 Degree Grooved Elbow

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Advantages of grooved elbow connection
1. Simple operation
The connection operation of the grooved pipe fittings is very simple, no special professional skills are required, and ordinary workers can operate it after simple training. It only takes a few minutes to connect a pipe fitting, which greatly simplifies the technical difficulty of on-site operation and saves man-hours, thereby also stabilizing the quality of the project and improving the work efficiency. This is also the overall direction of the development of installation technology.
In addition, because the grooved pipe fittings are finished parts, the operation space required on site is small, and it can be installed against the wall and corners, and the operation difficulty is greatly reduced, thereby saving the floor space and beautifying the effect of pipeline installation.
2. The original characteristics of the pipeline are not affected
For grooved pipe connection, only a groove is squeezed out by a roll groove machine on the outer surface of the connected pipe without destroying the inner wall structure of the pipe. This is a unique technical advantage of grooved pipe connection.
3. Conducive to construction safety
The grooved pipe connection technology is adopted, and only the cutting machine, the rolling groove machine and the handle for the button bolt are needed on site, and the construction organization is convenient.
4. The system has good stability and easy maintenance
The connection method of grooved pipe fittings has unique flexibility, which makes the pipeline have the ability to resist vibration, shrinkage and expansion. Compared with welding and flange connection, the stability of the pipeline system is increased, and it is more suitable for temperature changes, thereby protecting The pipeline valve parts are also reduced, and the damage to the structural parts caused by the pipeline stress is also reduced.
Due to the simple connection operation of the grooved pipe fittings, the required operation space becomes smaller, which brings many convenient conditions for future maintenance. When the pipeline needs to be repaired and replaced, a section of the pipeline can be replaced, rotated or modified at will by loosening the two clamps. There is no need to damage the surrounding walls, reducing maintenance time and maintenance costs.
5. Economic analysis
The connection of grooved pipe fittings is simple, labor-saving and time-saving, so it has good economic benefits.

Jianzhi 90 Degree Grooved Elbow

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